Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–301.151. Analysis of health care costs at Department of Corrections; plan to create Public Safety Overtime Bank.

In Fiscal Year 2003, the Chief Financial Officer shall:

(1) Analyze health care costs at the Department of Corrections and recommend alternatives based on the analysis; and

(2) Develop a plan to create a Public Safety Overtime Bank that would fund and oversee overtime expenditures by the Metropolitan Police Department, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, and the Department of Corrections.

(Oct. 1, 2002, D.C. Law 14-190, § 3202, 49 DCR 6968.)

Short Title

Short title of title XXXII of Law 14-190: Section 3201 of D.C. Law 14-190 provided that title XXXII of the act may be cited as the Chief Financial Officer Fiscal Year 2003 Duties Act of 2002.

Section 7231 of D.C. Law 20-61 provided that Subtitle W of Title VII of the act may be cited as the “Contingency Cash Reserve Notification Act of 2013”.