Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–325.43. Bond authorization.

(a) Pursuant to § 1-204.90, the Mayor is authorized to issue bonds to assist in financing, refinancing, or reimbursing costs of undertakings by the District to accomplish the purposes of this part.

(b) The Mayor shall submit and the Council shall approve, by resolution, the amount of bonds that shall be issued at any time for a project authorized by subsection (a) of this section that meets the criteria set forth in § 1-325.44. Each approval resolution shall state the aggregate principal amount of the bonds to be issued, and shall be accompanied by a description of each project showing its adherence to the criteria set forth in § 1-325.44.

(Oct. 20, 2005, D.C. Law 16-33, § 4044, 52 DCR 7503.)

Emergency Legislation

For temporary (90 day) addition, see § 4044 of Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2005 (D.C. Act 16-168, July 26, 2005, 52 DCR 7667).