Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1515.53. Reporting requirements.

(a)(1) Within 10 days after the Administrator authorizes the use of restraints pursuant to § 2-1515.52(b), § 2-1515.52(c), or § 2-1515.52(d), the Administrator shall submit a written statement to the Director of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services in the case of confined youth explaining the extraordinary circumstances and the reasons the use of restraints were necessary.

(2) The written statement must not include personal identifying information of the confined youth on whom restraints were used.

(Apr. 12, 2005, D.C. Law 15-335, § 153; as added July 25, 2015, D.C. Law 20-280, § 101(b), 62 DCR 1495.)