Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–828. Notice of suspension or revocation.

(a) If the Board orders the suspension or revocation of a license, the Board shall post 2 notices in conspicuous places at or near the main street entrance of the outside of the establishment.

(b) The posted notice shall state that the license has been suspended, the period of the suspension, and that the suspension is ordered because of a violation of this title or of the regulations promulgated under this title.

(c) Any person willfully removing, obliterating, or defacing the notice shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter.

(May 3, 2001, D.C. Law 13-298, § 101, 48 DCR 2959; Sept. 30, 2004, D.C. Law 15-187, § 101(ff), 51 DCR 6525; Apr. 7, 2017, D.C. Law 21-260, § 2(g)(2), 64 DCR 2079.)

Effect of Amendments

D.C. Law 15-187 added subsec. (c).