Code of the District of Columbia

§ 26–1324. Election of, and management of company by, directors or trustees.

The stock, property, and concerns of such company shall be managed by not less than 9 nor more than 30 directors or trustees, who shall, respectively, be stockholders, and citizens of the United States, and at least two-thirds of whom shall reside in the District of Columbia or within 100 miles of the location of the principal office of the company, and shall, except the first year, be annually elected by the stockholders at such time and place and after such published notice as shall be determined by the bylaws of the company, and said directors or trustees shall hold until their successors are elected and qualified.

(Mar. 3, 1901, 31 Stat. 1308, ch. 854, § 736; Aug. 28, 1957, 71 Stat. 474, Pub. L. 85-199, § 1.)

Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 26-424.

1973 Ed., § 26-324.