Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–771.06. Rulemaking.

(a) The Mayor, pursuant to subchapter I of Chapter 5 of Title 2 [§ 2-501 et seq.], shall issue rules to implement this chapter.

(b) The proposed rules shall be submitted to the Council for a 14-day period of review. If the Council does not approve or disapprove the proposed rules, by resolution, within the 14-day review period, the proposed rules shall be deemed approved.

(Oct. 17, 2013, D.C. Law 20-27, § 106, 60 DCR 11120; Jan. 9, 2016, D.C. Law 21-44, § 2(d), 62 DCR 14236.)

Section References

This section is referenced in § 38-771.05 and § 38-771.07.

Effect of Amendments

The 2016 amendment by D.C. Law 21-44 substituted “14-day” for “45-day” twice in (b).