Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3131.17. Transmission of list of blighted vacant buildings by Mayor.

(a) Semiannually, the Mayor shall transmit to the Office of Tax and Revenue a list of buildings designated by the Mayor as blighted vacant buildings for which a notice of final determination has been issued under this and administrative appeals have been exhausted or expired.

(b) The list shall be in the form and medium prescribed by the Office of Tax and Revenue.

(c) Buildings shall remain on the list required by this section until a change in classification is approved pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 47-813(d-1)(5)(A-i)(ii).

(Apr. 14, 1906, 34 Stat. 115, ch. 1626, § 17; as added Sept. 24, 2010, D.C. Law 18-223, § 2042(g), 57 DCR 6242; Feb. 18, 2017, D.C. Law 21-200, § 2(d), 63 DCR 15038.)

Section References

This section is referenced in § 47-813.

Emergency Legislation

For temporary (90 day) addition of section, see § 2042(g) of Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2010 (D.C. Act 18-463, July 2, 2010, 57 DCR 6542).