Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1951.06. Annual report on locations with the highest rate of collisions that injure or kill pedestrians or bicyclists.

By July 1, 2017, and annually thereafter, DDOT shall transmit to the chairperson of the Council committee with oversight of transportation a report that:

(1) Identifies the 20 locations at which pedestrians or bicyclists were most frequently seriously injured or killed as the result of a collision during the preceding 5 years;

(2) Describes any inspections conducted by DDOT at the locations identified pursuant to paragraph (1) of this section;

(3) Makes recommendations for how to decrease the number of collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists at the locations identified pursuant to paragraph (1) of this section and provides a timeline for implementing the recommendations; and

(4) Provides status updates on the implementation of recommendations provided in past reports required by this section.

(Oct. 8, 2016, D.C. Law 21-155, § 106, 63 DCR 10143; Mar. 29, 2018, D.C. Law 22-77, § 2(e), 65 DCR 1555; Dec. 23, 2020, D.C. Law 23-158, § 7(d), 67 DCR 13057.)


Applicability of D.C. Law 23-158: § 14 of D.C. Law 23-158 provided that the change made to this section by § 7(d) of D.C. Law 23-158 is subject to the inclusion of the law’s fiscal effect in an approved budget and financial plan. Therefore that amendment has not been implemented.