Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–103.09b. Stormwater In-Lieu Fee Payment Fund.

(a) There is established as a special fund the Stormwater In-Lieu Fee Payment Fund (“In-Lieu Fee Fund”), which shall be administered by the Mayor in accordance with subsection (c) of this section.

(b) The In-Lieu Fee Fund shall consist of revenue from payments to the In-Lieu Fee Fund to achieve stormwater retention obligations of regulated properties, as required by the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit issued to the District by the Environmental Protection Agency.

(c) The In-Lieu Fee Fund shall be used for the installation, operation, and maintenance of stormwater retention facilities.

(d)(1) The money deposited into the In-Lieu Fee Fund, and interest earned, shall not revert to the unrestricted fund balance of the General Fund of the District of Columbia at the end of a fiscal year, or at any other time.

(2) Subject to authorization by Congress, any funds appropriated in the In-Lieu Fee Fund shall be continually available without regard to fiscal year limitation.

(e) The District Department of the Environment shall publish on its website at least annually a report which includes a description of how revenues are spent from the In-Lieu Fee Fund and Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Fund, established by subchapter I-A of this chapter [§ 8-102.01 et seq.].

(f) The report on the In-Lieu Fee Fund required by subsection (e) of this section shall include:

(1) The total amount of in-lieu fees collected to date;

(2) The total amount of funds spent to date;

(3) For each sub-drainage area or watershed, the aggregate off-site retention volume per year purchased with in-lieu fees, based on the location of regulated projects paying in-lieu fees; and

(4) For each of the stormwater retention facilities installed using In-Lieu Fee Fund dollars, the type of best management practices used by the facility, the gallons per year of stormwater volume achieved by the facility, the sub-drainage or watershed location of the facility, and a summary of the capital and maintenance costs of the project.

(Mar. 16, 1985, D.C. Law 5-188, § 10b; as added Dec. 24, 2013, D.C. Law 20-61, § 6022, 60 DCR 12472.)

Effect of Amendments

The 2013 amendment by D.C. Law 20-61 added this section.

Emergency Legislation

For temporary (90 days) addition of this section, see § 6022 of the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2013 (D.C. Act 20-130, July 30, 2013, 60 DCR 11384, 20 DCSTAT 1827).

For temporary (90 days) addition of this section, see § 6022 of the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Support Congressional Review Emergency Act of 2013 (D.C. Act 20-204, October 17, 2013, 60 DCR 15341, 20 DCSTAT 2311).

Short Title

Section 6021 of D.C. Law 20-61 provided that Subtitle C of Title VI of the act may be cited as the “Stormwater In-Lieu Fee Special Purpose Revenue Fund Amendment Act of 2013”.

Editor's Notes

Applicability of D.C. Law 20-61: Section 11001 of D.C. Law 20-61 provided that, except as otherwise provided, the act shall apply as of October 1, 2013.