Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–171.07. Severability.

If any provisions of this chapter, or of any rule, regulation, or order thereunder or the application of such provision to any person or circumstance shall be held invalid, the remainder of this chapter and application of such provisions of this chapter or of such rule, regulation, or order to persons or circumstances other than those to which it is held invalid shall not be affected thereby.

(Mar. 4, 1981, D.C. Law 3-132, § 8, 28 DCR 445.)

Prior Codifications

2001 Ed., § 2-907.

1981 Ed., § 1-1907.

Section References

This section is referenced in § 2-907.

Editor's Notes

Because of the codification of D.C. Law 6-173 as subchapter II of Chapter 19 of Title 1 subchapter II of Chapter 9 of Title 2, 2001 Ed., and the designation of the preexisting text as subchapter I, “subchapter” has been substituted for “chapter” throughout the section.