Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–751. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

(1) "Business" means a single enterprise or a consortium of enterprises set up for the common purpose of acquiring a commercial trash compactor for the use of each enterprise in the consortium.

(2) "Commercial trash compactor" means a structure used by businesses to collect and compact bulk trash and other waste that is energy efficient and reduces the likelihood of accidental pollution through spills or wind-blown debris.

(3) "CTC program" means the commercial trash compactor acquisition grant program established by § 8-752.

(4) "Grant Administration Act" means part B of subchapter XII-A of Chapter 3 of Title 1.

(5) "Grantee" means a business that meets the criteria and standards established for the CTC program, as required by § 1-328.13 and receives a grant pursuant to this chapter.

(6) "Grantor" means the Mayor or the Mayor's delegate, including a District agency, board, commission, instrumentality, or other program, or an individual within such an entity.

(Mar. 11, 2015, D.C. Law 20-223, § 201, 62 DCR 227.)

Editor's Notes

Section 7013(b)(2) of D.C. Law 21-160 provided that after September 30, 2017, this section shall apply upon the date of inclusion of its fiscal effect in an approved budget and financial plan.

Section 7013(b)(1) of D.C. Law 21-160 provided that this section shall apply as of October 1, 20016.

Applicability of D.C. Law 20-223: Section 301(b) of D.C. Law 20-223 provided (1) that §§ 201-203 of the act shall apply for the tax year in which its fiscal effect has been included in an approved budget and financial plan; (2) that the Chief Financial Officer shall certify the date of the inclusion of the fiscal effect in an approved budget and financial plan, and provide notice to the Budget Director of the Council of the certification; and (3) that the Budget Director shall cause the notice of the certification to be published in the District of Columbia Register and that the date of publication of the notice of the certification shall not affect the applicability of §§ 201-203.