Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–1203.03. Branch tracks, spurs, or sidings authorized.

Said railroad company is hereby authorized to construct, maintain, and operate branch tracks, spurs, or sidings into any lot or square zoned or thereafter zoned for industrial or 2nd commercial use abutting upon any street or avenue over and along which said railroad company is hereby specifically authorized to lay and operate tracks, and also to construct tracks to serve any wharf which may be established on the Anacostia River; provided, that the construction of all such railroad tracks and appurtenant turnouts, branch tracks, and sidings, in all respects and things, shall be subject to the prior approval of the Council of the District of Columbia after report by the National Capital Planning Commission, such approval to be noted upon identical copies of a suitably prepared plat or chart, 1 copy to be kept on file in the Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia and the other thereof to be kept on file in the office of the National Capital Planning Commission.

(June 18, 1932, 47 Stat. 322, ch. 269, § 3.)

Prior Codifications

1981 Ed., § 7-1418.

1973 Ed., § 7-1218.

Transfer of Functions

The functions, powers and duties of the National Capital Park and Planning Commission were transferred to the National Capital Planning Commission by the Act of June 6, 1924, ch. 270, § 9, as added by the Act of July 19, 1952, 66 Stat. 790, ch. 949, § 1.

Change in Government

This section originated at a time when local government powers were delegated to a Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia (see Acts Relating to the Establishment of the District of Columbia and its Various Forms of Governmental Organization in Volume 1). Section 402(176) of Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1967 (see Reorganization Plans in Volume 1) transferred all of the functions of the Board of Commissioners under this section to the District of Columbia Council, subject to the right of the Commissioner as provided in § 406 of the Plan. The District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, 87 Stat. 818, § 711 ( D.C. Code, § 1-207.11), abolished the District of Columbia Council and the Office of Commissioner of the District of Columbia. These branches of government were replaced by the Council of the District of Columbia and the Office of Mayor of the District of Columbia, respectively. Accordingly, and also pursuant to § 714(a) of such Act ( D.C. Code, § 1-207.14(a)), appropriate changes in terminology were made in this section.