Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1163.12a. Non-contribution accounts.

(a) A political action committee shall not make an independent expenditure unless it establishes a non-contribution account for the purpose of making such independent expenditures.

(b) A political action committee must notify the Campaign Finance Board within 10 days after establishing a non-contribution account.

(c) A political action committee that establishes a non-contribution account shall ensure that:

(1) The non-contribution account remains segregated from any accounts of the political action committee that are used to make contributions to candidates, political committees, political action committees, or political parties;

(2) No contribution to the political action committee is deposited in the non-contribution account unless the contributor has specifically designated the contribution for the purpose of making an independent expenditure;

(3) Contributions by the political action committee are not made from the non-contribution account; and

(4) The non-contribution account pays a proportional share, as determined by the Director of Campaign Finance, of the political action committee's administrative expenses.

(d) If a political action committee has established a non-contribution account, it must, in any reports it files pursuant to § 1-1163.09, identify any receipts that have been allocated to that account.