Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1231.23. Fees.

(a)(1) A notary public may charge fees for performing notarial acts as established by the Mayor by rule issued pursuant to § 1-1231.31.

(2) A notary public who is exempted from the payment of the application fee pursuant to § 1-1231.19(b) shall not collect a notary fee.

(b) A notary public may charge, upon agreement of the person to be charged, an amount not-to-exceed the actual and reasonable expense of traveling to a place where a notarial act is to be performed if it is not the usual place where the notary public performs notarial acts. Traveling expenses shall be in writing, itemized, and separate from the fee for the notarial act.

(c) A notary public may waive a scheduled fee or charge an amount less than the scheduled fee.

(d) A notarial officer other than a notary public shall not charge a fee for performing notarial acts.