Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–204.44. Multiyear capital improvements plan.

The Mayor shall prepare and include in the annual budget a multiyear capital improvements plan for all agencies of the District which shall be based upon the approved current fiscal year budget and shall include:

(1) The status, estimated period of usefulness, and total cost of each capital project on a full funding basis for which any appropriation is requested or any expenditure will be made in the forthcoming fiscal year and at least 4 fiscal years thereafter, including an explanation of change in total cost in excess of 5% for any capital project included in the plan of the previous fiscal year;

(2) An analysis of the plan, including its relationship to other programs, proposals, or elements developed by the Mayor as the central planning agency for the District pursuant to § 1-204.23;

(3) Identification of the years and amounts in which bonds would have to be issued, loans made, and costs actually incurred on each capital project identified; and

(4) Appropriate maps or other graphics.