Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–612.36. Receipt and use of transferred leave.

(a) The Council, each agency, and each independent agency shall maintain an accounting of the voluntary leave transfer program and the leave records of the recipient employee and the leave contributor.

(b) A recipient employee may use contributed annual or universal leave transferred under this section in the same manner as if the leave had accrued to the recipient employee; provided, that any annual, universal leave, sick leave, or advanced leave shall be exhausted before any transferred leave may be used.

(c) During the period in which transferred leave is being used, no annual, universal, or sick leave shall accrue to the recipient employee.

(d) Use of transferred leave shall terminate when:

(1) The recipient employee is no longer affected by the serious health condition or is not responsible for providing personal care to the immediate family member; or

(2) The recipient employee separates from employment.

(e) Unused transferred leave shall not be subject to any form of lump-sum leave payment upon the recipient employee’s separation from employment.