Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–101. Authority to acquire fee title to land subject to limited rights reserved to grantor and to acquire limited permanent rights in land adjoining park property.

The authority of the National Capital Planning Commission, established by the Act approved April 30, 1926, is hereby enlarged as follows; said Commission is hereby authorized to acquire, for and in behalf of the United States of America, by gift, devise, purchase, or condemnation, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of June 6, 1924, as amended by the Act of April 30, 1926:

(1) Fee title to land subject to limited rights, but not for business purposes, reserved to the grantor; provided, that such reservation of rights shall not continue beyond the life or lives of the grantor or grantors of the fee; Provided further, that in the opinion of said Commission the permanent public park purposes for which control over said land is needed are not essentially impaired by said reserved rights and that there is a substantial saving in cost by acquiring said land subject to said limited rights as compared with the cost of acquiring unencumbered title thereto; and

(2) Permanent rights in land adjoining park property sufficient to prevent the use of said land in certain specified ways which would essentially impair the value of the park property for its purposes; provided, that in the opinion of said Commission the protection and maintenance of the essential public values of said park can thus be secured more economically than by acquiring said land in fee or by other available means; provided further, that all contracts for acquisition of land subject to such limited rights reserved to the grantor and for acquisition of such limited permanent rights in land shall be subject to the approval of the President of the United States.