Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–2396. Support.

(a) Nothing under this subchapter shall preclude the permanent guardian from receiving money paid for the child’s support to the child’s parent under the terms of any statutory benefit or insurance system or any private contract, settlement, agreement, court order, devise, trust, conservatorship, or custodianship, and money or property of the child.

(b) After due notice to the parent or other persons legally obligated to care for and support the child and after a hearing, the court may order and decree that the parent or other legally obligated person shall pay, in such manner as the court may direct, a reasonable sum that will cover in whole or in part the support and medical treatment of the child after the guardianship order is entered. If the parent or other legally obligated person willfully fails or refuses to pay such sum, the court may proceed against that person for contempt, or may file the order, which shall have the effect of a civil judgment.