Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1227.07. Additional Walter Reed Site acquisition and procurement authority.

(a) The Mayor may acquire by purchase, exchange, donation, assignment, bequest, or other means, real property located on the Walter Reed Site.

(b)(1) The provisions of subchapter I of Chapter 26 of Title 50 shall not apply to the acquisition by the Mayor of property located on the Walter Reed Site or the use of such property as a parking facility.

(2) Notwithstanding Chapter 3A of this title, and consistent with § 1-204.51, the Mayor may enter into a contract with Children's National at Walter Reed, LLC, or an affiliate thereof, for the operation and maintenance of property acquired pursuant to this section; provided, that the entity that contracts with the Mayor shall agree to be subject to the contracting and procurement requirements set forth in subpart 2 of part D of subchapter IX-A of Chapter 2 of this title and the employment and job creation requirements set forth in § 2-219.03.

(3) The contract entered into pursuant to paragraph (2) of this subsection shall require Children's National at Walter Reed, LLC or its affiliate to give priority when subcontracting to businesses certified as small business enterprises pursuant to § 2-218.32 or as disadvantaged business enterprises pursuant to § 2-218.33, and to do so in a manner to be negotiated between the Mayor and Children's National at Walter Reed, LLC or its affiliate.