Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–352.04(Perm). Duties of the Chief Procurement Officer.

(a) The Chief Procurement Officer shall be the chief procurement official of the District.

(b) The CPO shall have the following authority and responsibility:

(1) To serve as the central procurement and contracting officer for the District;

(2) To identify gaps, omissions, or inconsistencies in procurement laws, rules, and policies, or in laws, rules and policies affecting procurement-related activities, and to recommend changes to laws, rules, and procedures;

(3) To provide overall leadership in the implementation of procurement rules, coordinate all procurement activities of the District government in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, and develop a system of unified and simplified procurement procedures and forms.

(4) To prepare and issue standard specifications for goods, services, and construction required by the District government;

(5) To establish a standardization program for goods and services when it is determined to be in the best interests of the District;

(6) To review, monitor, and audit the procurement activities of the District;

(7) To prepare, establish, and implement a periodic review process for the evaluation of contractors who provide goods or services to the District;

(8) To identify and assess trends and developments in the field of government contracting, including identifying best practices and innovation opportunities for the District;

(9) To operate and maintain an electronic procurement system;

(10) To sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of surplus goods belonging to the District government;

(11) To establish procedures for the inspection, testing, and acceptance of goods, services, and construction;

(12) To develop guidelines for the recruitment, training, career development, and performance evaluation of all procurement personnel;

(13) To staff OCP with procurement professionals, including attorneys, dedicated to the formation and administration of contracts on behalf of the entities covered by this chapter;

(14) To create and maintain a transparent Internet site, accessible to the public, providing information on solicitations, contracts, and related laws, rules, and policies;

(15) To promote to the purchase of environmentally preferable products and services;

(16) To establish certification requirements for contracting personnel; and

(17) To issue a report to the Mayor and the Council by April 1, 2021, that includes:

(A) A review and analysis of the funding of indirect costs in the terms of grant agreements or contracts entered into between nonprofit organizations and the District government;

(B) A table listing the federal funding associated with contracts or grants passed through to nonprofit organizations by the District government in Fiscal Year 2020, including any funding passed through to nonprofit organizations to meet their indirect costs and any funding retained by the District rather than being passed through for this purpose; and

(C) Any recommended amendments to law, regulations, policy, or training in order to ensure the legal, fair, and consistent funding of indirect costs to nonprofit organizations by the District.