Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–352.06. Procurement training institute.

(a) The CPO shall establish and administer a procurement training institute to facilitate a system of training, continuing education, and certification for District contracting personnel. The procurement training institute may:

(1) Conduct or participate in procurement education and training programs for District employees and others, including persons not employed by the District;

(2) Conduct, develop, or collaborate with established training or certification programs for the express purpose of providing certifications of proficiency to all participants who successfully complete the designated programs;

(3) Conduct research into existing and new methods of procurement;

(4) Establish and maintain a District procurement library; and

(A) Establish a tiered core curriculum that sets forth the minimum procurement-related training courses to be completed by District procurement personnel.

(B) The tiered core curriculum shall be designed to develop procurement competency along with a uniform training approach for personnel ranging from entry level contract specialist to contracting officer.

(b) The CPO may charge a fee for training conducted by the procurement training institute in accordance with § 2-361.03.

(c) The CPO shall require that District contracting personnel be certified and that they maintain a reasonable number of hours of continuing education to maintain their certification.

(d) The CPO may allow attendance at a recognized institute to satisfy the certification requirement and the number of hours for continuing education.