Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–205. Board record-keeping responsibilities.

(a) The Board shall maintain complete and accurate records of all action taken on:

(1) Applications for licenses; and

(2) Recommendations for, and remonstrances against, the granting of licenses.

(b)(1) The Board shall maintain the records in a manner readily accessible for inspection by the public during normal business hours.

(2)(A) Requests to obtain copies of or to inspect records maintained by the Board shall be submitted in writing or orally to the Director, or designee.

(B) The Board shall make the records available as soon as practicable, but no later than 3 business days from the date that the request was made.

(c) The Board shall provide to the Director and the Council annual reports detailing the activities of the Board for the previous year regarding the following items:

(1) Licenses, including the number of licenses outstanding; the number of new alcohol licenses and permits issued; the number of alcohol licenses and permits renewed; the number of licenses suspended; and the number of licenses revoked;

(2) Enforcement, including the number of regulatory inspections performed and the number of investigations conducted;

(3) The workload of the Board, including the number of adjudicated cases processed; the number of hearings conducted; and the number of show cause cases pending;

(4) Community notification efforts, including the number of ANC notifications issued; the number of ANC meetings attended by Board members; and the number of community meetings attended by Board members; and

(5) Revenue generated by Board actions, including revenue generated by the Board from permits and licenses and from fines.

(d) The Board shall provide to the office of each ANC, on a quarterly basis, a list of all licenses due to expire during the ensuing 6 months.