Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–445. Mediation.

(a) A mediation among the parties shall be held to discuss and resolve, if possible, the objections raised by the protestants.

(b) Mediation, which may be arranged at a roll call hearing or any other time, shall be set on a mutually convenient date before the scheduled protest status hearing or the protest hearing.

(c) [Repealed].

(d) No party shall unreasonably refuse to make himself or herself available to attend a mediation.

(e) [Repealed].

(f) At the request of any party, the Board may designate a member of its staff to attend the mediation.

(g) If the parties fail to reach an agreement on one or more of the protest issues they shall so state at the scheduled protest status hearing.

(h) A party may be represented at a mediation by an attorney or a designated representative who has been authorized to act on the party’s behalf.