Code of the District of Columbia

§ 26–831.10. Policies of merchant bank’s business activities.

(a) The board of directors of a merchant bank, if the merchant bank is a corporation, or its equivalent governing body, if the merchant bank is another type of business entity, shall establish a written policy under which the merchant bank’s business activities shall be conducted. The written policy shall include the merchant bank’s business plan, operating procedures, investment policies, and lending policies. The written policy shall also address conflicts of interest and shall preclude a merchant bank from making an investment in a small business if the effect is to create the potential of a conflict of interest with a person having an ownership interest in the merchant bank.

(b) The written policy under subsection (a) of this section for business activities shall be reviewed and approved or disapproved by the Commissioner. If the Commissioner finds that the policy does not adequately regulate the business activities of the merchant bank, the Commissioner may require the board of directors, or equivalent governing body, to take corrective action.