Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–909. Bylaws — Contents.

The bylaws may, within the limitations of this chapter, provide for the:

(1) Method and terms of admission to membership and the disposal of members’ interests on cessation of membership for any reason;

(2) Time, place, and manner of calling and conducting meetings;

(3) Number or percentage of the members constituting a quorum;

(4)(A) Number, qualifications, powers, duties, term of office, and manner, time, and vote for election, of directors and officers; and

(B) Division or classification, if any, of directors to provide for rotating or overlapping terms;

(5) Compensation, if any, of the directors, and the number of directors necessary to constitute a quorum;

(6) Method of distributing the net savings; or

(7) Various discretionary provisions of this chapter as well as other provisions incident to the purposes and activities and affairs of the association.