Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–1372.05. Equity interests.

(a) Subject to the limitations of § 31-1372.02, an insurer may acquire equity interests in business entities organized under the laws of any domestic jurisdiction.

(b) An insurer shall not acquire an investment under this section if, as a result of and after giving effect to the investment, the aggregate amount of investments held by the insurer under this section would exceed 20% of its admitted assets or the amount of equity interests held by the insurer that are not listed on a qualified exchange would exceed 5% of its admitted assets. An accident and health insurer shall not be subject to this section, but shall be subject to the same aggregate limitation on equity interests as a fire, casualty, and marine insurer under § 31-1373.06 and to the provisions of § 31-1373.02.

(c) An insurer shall not acquire under this section any investments that the insurer may acquire under § 31-1372.07.

(d) An insurer shall not short sell equity investments unless the insurer covers the short sale by owning the equity investment or an unrestricted right to the equity instrument exercisable within 6 months of the short sale.