Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–2303. Prior written approval of domestication agreement.

An acquisition of assets and assumption of liabilities under § 31-2302(a) shall be initiated by filing with the Commissioner, for prior written approval as required by § 31-2302(a)(2), a copy of the domestication agreement, executed by the Non-U.S. insurer and the acquiring insurer, in a form satisfactory to (1) the Commissioner if the acquiring insurer is a domestic insurer, or (2) both the Commissioner and the chief insurance regulatory official of the state of organization if the acquiring insurer is a foreign insurer. If he is satisfied that the domestication agreement complies with this chapter and that the interests of policyholders and creditors of the United States branch are not materially adversely affected, the Commissioner may approve the domestication agreement, subject to a subsequent review and final approval as required under § 31-2302(a)(3) and 6 [§ 31-2305].