Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4301. Department continued; personnel; performance of Commissioner’s duties; seal; Commissioner’s office and papers to be public; Commissioner’s annual reports; out-of-state visits.

(a) There shall be continued in the District a department charged with the execution of the laws relating to insurance, to be called the “Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking.” At the head of such Department there shall be a Commissioner of the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking, who shall devote his entire service to the Department. He shall be appointed by and hold his office at the pleasure of the Mayor. The Commissioner, during his term of office, shall not be interested in the business of any insurance company except as a policyholder. He shall take and subscribe an oath of office which shall be filed with the Mayor. In said Department there shall be also 2 Deputy Commissioners and such other personnel as may be necessary within appropriations annually made by Congress for said Department. The compensation of the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners, and other personnel shall be fixed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 51 and subchapter III of Chapter 53 of Title 5, United States Code [5 U.S.C. § 5101 et seq. and 5 U.S.C. § 5331 et seq.].

(b) In case of the absence or inability of the Commissioner, or in the event of the removal of the Commissioner, and pending the appointment of his successor, one of the Deputy Commissioners shall perform the duties of the Commissioner.

(c) The Mayor shall provide the Department with an official seal, which shall be the seal of the District of Columbia surrounded by a border in which shall appear “Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking.”

(d) Every certificate and other document or paper executed by such Commissioner, or his deputies, in pursuance of any authority conferred upon him by law and sealed with the seal of his office, and all copies of papers certified by him or by his deputies and authenticated by said seal, shall, in all cases, be evidence equally and in like manner as the original thereof and shall have the same force and effect as would the original in any suit or proceeding in any court of this District.

(e) The office of the Commissioner shall be a public office, and the records, books, and papers thereof on file therein shall be public records of the District, except as it may be provided otherwise herein.

(f) The Commissioner shall report annually to the Mayor his official transactions, and shall include in such report abstracts of the annual statements of the several companies and an exhibit of the financial condition and business transactions of the same as shown by their annual statements. He shall also include therein a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Department for the preceding year and such recommendations relative to insurance and the insurance laws of the District as he shall deem proper.

(g) The Commissioner is authorized to attend and participate in the meetings of the National Convention of Insurance Commissioners and of the committees thereof; he is also authorized to visit the insurance departments of the various states when in his judgment such visits are necessary for the proper conduct of his official office; and he may require such of his assistants as he may designate to attend and participate in such meetings, all subject to the prior approval of the Mayor. The actual expense of such attendance by the Commissioner and his assistants shall be paid in like manner as other expenses of the District are paid.