Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4317. Deposit of securities by companies desiring to transact business — Withdrawal upon discontinuance of business or reinsurance.

(a) When a company determines to discontinue its business or to cease to do business in the District and desires to withdraw its deposit made in the District pursuant to this subdivision the Commissioner shall, upon the application of the company, and at its expense, give notice of such intention in a newspaper of general circulation in the District once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. After such publication he shall deliver to such company or its assigns the securities so deposited when he is satisfied upon examination and investigation made by him or under his authority and upon the oaths of the president and secretary or other chief officers of the company that all debts and liabilities of every kind due and to become due which the deposit was made to secure are paid and extinguished; provided, that the Commissioner may require any company so withdrawing from the District to furnish bond to cover any undisclosed or contingent liabilities.

(b) Upon a company being wholly reinsured the Commissioner may deliver to it or to its assigns all securities deposited by it upon compliance with the following condition: The reinsuring company shall assume and agree to discharge all liabilities of every kind due and to become due which the deposit of the reinsured company was made to secure. Such reinsuring company shall have a deposit in the District or with some state official in the United States in securities recognized by this law as lawful investments of the company in an amount and value not less than the deposit required of the reinsured company. The deposit of the reinsuring company shall be such that it will subsist for the security of the obligations of the reinsured company assumed by the reinsuring company. The Commissioner shall give notice of such reinsurance agreement and of the application for the deposit once a week for 3 consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the District before the delivery of such securities to the reinsuring company.