Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4406. Formation — Examination of company; revocation and reinstatement of company’s permit or agent’s authority.

The Commissioner shall personally, or through his Deputy and assistants, examine into the affairs of any such company in course of organization and inspect its books and papers, and may summon and examine under oath any officer or agent or any person who is or has been connected with or who has knowledge of the affairs of such company, and if he finds the company is violating the law, or if the company shall not be qualified for a certificate of authority within 2 years from date of its permit, he shall revoke its permit; and if he finds an agent of such company has violated the law, he shall revoke his authority, and he may for such agent’s violation revoke the company’s permit. Any revocation shall be after 20 days’ notice. The Commissioner may, on proper showing, reinstate any company’s permit or agent’s authority which he has revoked.