Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4418. Reincorporation of existing corporations.

(a) Any domestic insurance corporation existing or doing business on June 19, 1934, may, by a vote of a majority of its directors or trustees, accept the provisions of this subdivision and amend its charter to conform with the same upon obtaining the consent of the Commissioner thereto in writing, and filing such consent in the Officer of the Recorder of Deeds for the District; and thereafter it shall be deemed to have been incorporated under this chapter, and every such corporation in reincorporating under this provision may for that purpose so adopt in whole or in part a new charter, in conformity herewith, and include therein any and all provisions of its existing charter, and any or all changes from its existing charter, to cover and enjoy any or all the privileges and provisions of existing laws which might be so included and enjoyed if it were originally incorporated hereunder, and it shall, upon such adoption of and after obtaining the consent, as in this section before provided, to such charter and filing the same with the Commissioner and the record thereof with the Recorder of Deeds of the District, perpetually enjoy the same as and be such corporation, which is declared to be a continuation of such corporation which existed prior to such reincorporation; and the offices therein which shall be continued shall be filled by the respective incumbents for the period and the same general proceedings shall be taken upon the presentation of such amended charter or certificate adopted in relation to such amendment, to the Commissioner, as are required by this chapter to be taken with respect to an original charter or certificate, except that no examination of the condition and affairs of such corporation shall be required unless so ordered by the Commissioner, and if the amended charter or certificate be approved by the Commissioner and his certificate of authority to do business thereunder is granted, the corporation shall thereafter be deemed to possess the same powers and be subject to the same liabilities as if such charter or certificate so amended had been its original charter or certificate of incorporation, but without prejudice to pending action or proceeding or any rights previously accrued.

(b) Upon the reincorporation or upon the amendment of the charter of any corporation having a capital stock in accordance with the provisions of this section it may by a vote of the majority of its directors confer upon its policyholders as may have a prescribed amount of insurance upon their lives the right to vote for all or any less number of the directors in such manner not inconsistent with any provision of this subdivision.