Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4424. Directors — Cumulative voting in stock company election.

In an election for directors of any stock company in which the policyholders do not vote, each stockholder having a right to vote may cast the whole number of his votes for 1 candidate, or distribute them upon 2 or more candidates, as he may prefer, that is to say: If the stockholder having a right to vote owns 1 share of stock, or has 1 vote, or is entitled to 1 vote for each of 7 directors by virtue thereof, he may give 1 vote to each of said 7 directors, or 7 votes for any 1 thereof, or a less number of votes for any less number of directors, whatever may be the actual number to be elected, and in this manner may distribute or cumulate his votes as he may see fit.