Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4430. Officers and directors not to be pecuniarily interested in transactions.

No director or officer of any company doing business in the District shall receive any money or valuable thing for negotiating, procuring, recommending, or aiding in any purchase by or sale to such company of any property, or any loan from such company, nor be pecuniarily interested, either as principal, coprincipal, agent, or beneficiary, in any such purchase, sale, or loan, nor shall the financial obligation of any such director or officer be guaranteed by such company in any capacity; provided, that nothing herein contained shall prevent any such director or officer from receiving a fee for appraising property for said company or for serving on any committee that passes on the investments of said company; provided further, that nothing herein contained shall prevent a life insurance company from making a loan upon a policy held therein by a director or officer not in excess of the net value thereof or prevent any company in connection with the relocation of the place of employment of an officer, including any relocation in connection with the initial employment of such officer from: (1) making (or such officer from accepting therefrom) a mortgage loan to such officer on real property owned by such officer which is to serve as such officer’s residence; or (2) acquiring (or such officer from selling thereto), at not more than the fair market value thereof, the residence of such officer. Any person violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.