Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–531.03. Notification.

*NOTE: This section includes amendments by temporary legislation that will expire on February 4, 2022. To view the text of this section after the expiration of all emergency and/or temporary legislation, click this link: Permanent Version.*

(a) Paid leave shall be provided upon the written request of an employee upon notice as provided in this section. The request shall include a reason for the absence involved and the expected duration of the paid leave. If the paid leave is foreseeable, the request shall be provided at least 10 days, or as early as possible, in advance of the paid leave. If the paid leave is unforeseeable, an oral request for paid leave shall be provided prior to the start of the work shift for which the paid leave is requested. In the case of an emergency, the employer shall be notified prior to the start of the next work shift or within 24 hours of the onset of the emergency, whichever occurs sooner.

(b) An employer may not require an employee who seeks to use paid leave pursuant to § 32-502.01 to:

(1) For any reason, provide more than 48 hours' notice of the need to use such leave;

(2) In the event of an emergency, provide more than reasonable notice of the employee's need to use such leave; or

(3) Search for or identify another employee to perform the work hours or work of the employee using paid leave.