Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–131. General provisions after October 12, 2021.

*NOTE: This section was added by emergency legislation that will expire on October 22, 2021.*

(a) After October 12, 2021, and except as otherwise prohibited by §§ 34-1271.01 and 34-2002.01, a company shall not disconnect, suspend, or degrade service, for non-payment of a bill, any fees for service or equipment, or any other charges, if:

(1) The company has failed to engage the customer as required under § 34-132;

(2 The customer owes less than $600;

(3) The customer has entered into a payment plan with the company and either is meeting the terms of the payment plan or is less than 2 months behind the terms of the payment plan;

(4) Prior to October 12, 2021, the customer has requested to enter into a payment plan with the company and fewer than 45 days have elapsed following the customer's initial request; or

(5) The Mayor has certified or the customer has provided documentary evidence that the customer qualifies for utility disconnection relief and not more than 90 days have elapsed since October 12, 2021.

(b) Not funded.

(c) Not funded.

(d) By August 9, 2021, the Mayor shall, pursuant to subchapter I of Chapter 5 of Title 2, promulgate emergency rules to implement this subsection, including guidance on the District's and the companies' responsibilities under this subsection.