Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–909. Public notice of rate applications or changes in conditions of service; opportunity for public response; notice to utility; setting time and place for hearing and investigation.

(a) Notice of every rate application or change in condition of service proposed and filed with the Public Service Commission shall be given by the utility to each residential or commercial rate payer affected by the proposed rate application or change. The notice shall be available for viewing at a utility’s website, and either by electronic notice to those ratepayers who have registered for electronic billing with the utility or by written notice in the affected ratepayer’s billing envelope. The notice shall be sent in not later than the next billing period following the filing; no filing may be approved by the Commission without adequate time for rate payer response. Each notice shall be sufficiently accurate and detailed for the rate payer to understand the filing, including the rate payer’s specified affected interest. The notice shall provide the specific rate or service change affecting the rate payer, including the proposed percentage and dollar increase for the rate and rider category of the customer. For every proceeding in which the Commission has a public hearing, the public shall be given a timely opportunity to present its views, as evidence of record, with at least 45 days notice, with notice widely and publicly distributed in a form sufficiently detailed and complete to permit the public to realize its specific and affected interest.

(b) The Commission shall, prior to the formal hearing, notify the public utility complained of that a complaint has been made, and 10 days after the notice has been given the Commission may proceed to set a time and place for a hearing and an investigation as hereinafter provided.