Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–641.11. Cash award.

(a) A game of skill machine shall not directly dispense cash awards to a player. If, at the conclusion of the game, a player is entitled to a cash award, the game of skill machine shall dispense a ticket or voucher to the player. The ticket or voucher shall indicate:

(1) The total amount of the cash award;

(2) The time of day that the cash award was issued in a 24-hour format showing hours and minutes, the date, the terminal serial number, and the sequential number of the ticket or voucher; and

(3) An encrypted validation number from which the validity of the cash award may be determined.

(b) A retailer shall allow a player to take the ticket or voucher to the owner of the licensed establishment or the owner's designee, who shall be located at the licensed establishment, for payment of the cash award.