Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–641.13. Centralized accounting system.

(a)(1) Within 365 days after April 27, 2021, the Office shall procure a centralized accounting system for games of skill machines, which shall be linked to a communications network. All games of skill machines registered in the District shall connect to the centralized accounting system through the communications network. The centralized accounting system shall be administered by the Office and shall allow for the accounting, reporting, monitoring, and reading of game of skill machine activities by the District for the purposes of assisting the Office in determining compliance with, and enforcing, the provisions of this subchapter and the rules issued pursuant to this subchapter. The centralized accounting system shall also allow for game of skill machines to be activated and deactivated remotely by the Office.

(2) When the Office is satisfied with the operation of the centralized accounting system, it shall:

(A) Certify the effective status of the system; and

(B) Notify all retailers of the date by which the distributor's and retailer's game of skill machines must be linked to the centralized accounting system, which date shall not be less than 90 days after the date of the effective status of the centralized accounting system.

(b) The centralized accounting system shall not provide for the monitoring or reading of personal or financial information concerning patrons of game of skill machines.

(c) An employee or agent of a contractor or subcontractor of the Office who is engaged in building, operating, maintaining, or contracting to build, operate, or maintain the centralized accounting system, and the immediate family members of such employee or agent, shall be prohibited from obtaining a license under this subchapter.

(d) Unless a retailer's license is canceled, suspended, or revoked, nothing in this section shall authorize the Office to limit or eliminate a registered game of skill from the centralized accounting system.