Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–205.19a. Redetermination of eligibility.

(a) For purposes of §§ 4-205.19b, 4-205.19c, 4-205.19f and 4-205.19g, a TANF recipient shall be considered an applicant for TANF benefits at each time of redetermination of eligibility for TANF. When a current TANF recipient is considered to be an applicant pursuant to this subsection, the Mayor may require the individual to participate in a work activity other than job search or job readiness in order to comply with this section, and § 4-205.19c shall apply if the individual fails to comply with any such work activity that the Mayor may require.

(b) As part of the redetermination of eligibility, a TANF recipient shall be provided information about the POWER program and screened for POWER eligibility. TANF applicants and recipients shall be permitted to affirmatively submit applications for POWER.

(c) Repealed.

(d) The Mayor, or his designee, shall inform all TANF recipients and applicants of the eligibility criteria for POWER.

(e) Other than victims of domestic violence, pursuant to § 4-205.72a(a)(2)(A), no TANF recipients eligible for POWER pursuant to § 4-205.72a may receive case management services beyond the services currently being received on December 24, 2013, unless the Department of Human Services deems such services as necessary and funding is available.