Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–205.53. Reconsideration of grants; modification of amount; duty of recipient to notify Mayor of change of circumstances; grants under General Public Assistance Program for Unemployables.

(a) All public assistance grants made under this chapter shall be reconsidered by the Mayor as frequently as he or she may deem necessary, but in every case the Mayor shall make such reconsiderations at least once in each year. After such further investigation as the Mayor may deem necessary, the amount of public assistance may be changed, or may be entirely withdrawn, if the Mayor finds that any such grant has been made erroneously, if the recipient's circumstances have altered sufficiently to warrant such action, or if the recipient has not timely completed the recertification process. If at any time during the continuance of public assistance the recipient becomes possessed of resources in excess of the amount previously reported by the recipient, or if other changes occur in the nonfinancial circumstances previously reported by the recipient that would alter either the recipient’s need or eligibility, it shall be the recipient’s duty to notify the Mayor of this information immediately upon the receipt or possession of the additional resources, or upon the change in circumstances. A recipient shall inform the Mayor whenever the recipient begins to receive earned income, if the recipient did not earn income previously, and whenever the recipient ceases to receive earned income. The recipient shall inform the Mayor as soon as the recipient becomes aware that a change will occur, rather than waiting to inform the Mayor in the periodic report required under § 4-205.54.

(b) Repealed.

(c) Repealed.

(d) Repealed.