Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2072. Common Interest Community Repairs Program; establishment.

(a) The DHCD shall establish and administer a Common Interest Community Repairs Program ("Program") for the purpose of repairing common elements of income-eligible common interest communities.

(b) For each common interest community, the value of services provided under the Program shall not exceed $100,000.

(c) Repairs to common elements the Program may fund include:

(1) Plumbing;

(2) Electrical;

(3) Roof maintenance, repairs, or replacement;

(4) Entrance security and safety, including front door locks and common area lighting;

(5) Elevators and shared stairways;

(6) Shared porches and fire escapes; and

(7) Other common elements of a building to cure building and housing code violations.

(d) Where applicable, repairs made under the Program shall meet or exceed the most recent Green Communities standard, or other substantially similar or more stringent standard for sustainable construction and operation of multi-unit housing.

(e) DHCD shall:

(1) Develop a grant application form specific to the Program;

(2) Provide written notification to the applicant of approval or denial of the application. If the grant application is denied, the notification shall include the reason for the denial and any process for reconsideration; and

(3) Develop and administer a common interest community-stewardship course for board members, at no cost to the board or common interest community.

(f) DHCD shall not begin repairs on a common interest community until the common interest community's board members have completed the common interest community stewardship course created pursuant to subsection (e)(3) of this section.

(g) DHCD may finance the Program using funds from the following sources:

(1) Pursuant to § 42-2857.01(e)(1C)(C), revenue from the sale of property disposed of by DHCD; and

(2) Any other funding source available to DHCD for which the Program would qualify as an eligible use.

(h) Program spending, including spending to administer the Program, shall be limited to funds included in an approved budget and financial plan.