Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3405.03b. Choice of forum; standard of review.

(a) The rights provided under §§ 42-3405.03 and 42-3405.03a are in the alternative. The party bringing the action may choose the forum and need not exhaust administrative remedies in order to bring an action under § 42-3405.03. Unless all parties to the action agree otherwise, once an action has been brought in one forum, an action based on the same or a substantially similar cause of action may not be brought in any other forum.

(b) The applicability of this chapter, and rights created hereunder, shall be determined by examining the substance of the transaction or series of transactions. A step transaction or other device entered into or employed for the purpose of avoiding the obligation to comply with the requirements of this chapter shall be construed in accordance with the substance of the transaction.