Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3505.54. Notice of tenant's intent to vacate after the expiration of the signed lease term, renewal or extension term.

*NOTE: This section includes amendments by temporary legislation that will expire on February 4, 2022. To view the text of this section after the expiration of all emergency and temporary legislation, click this link: Permanent Version.*

(a) A residential tenancy from month-to-month may be terminated by a 30-day notice in writing only from the tenant to the housing provider of the tenant's intention to quit. The notice shall expire on the first day of the first month at least 30 days after the date of the notice.

(b) A housing provider shall not place or cause to be placed in a residential lease or rental agreement a requirement that the tenant provide more than a 30-day notice to the housing provider of the tenant's intention to vacate the premises, unless the lease or agreement also requires the housing provider to provide the tenant with a written notice of any rent increase that is at least 15 days more than that time period.

(c) Any notice of intent to vacate that a tenant provided prior to the period for which a public health emergency has been declared pursuant to § 7-2304.01, shall be tolled at the election of the tenant for the period of any such public health emergency such that the tenant shall have the same number of days to vacate remaining at the end of the public health emergency as the tenant had remaining upon the effective date of the public health emergency.