Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–1051.11. Verification of credentials of nursing personnel.

(a) Before initially providing any nursing personnel to a health care facility or agency for the purpose of rendering temporary nursing personnel within the District of Columbia, a nurse staffing agency shall:

(1) If the nursing personnel is a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse, obtain verification from the Board of Nursing that the nursing personnel is currently licensed;

(2) If the nursing personnel is a Certified Nurse Aide, obtain verification from the Department that the nursing personnel is currently certified and is not listed on the Nurse Aide Abuse Registry; and

(3) Compare the information obtained pursuant to paragraphs (1) or (2) of this subsection with a government-issued photographic identification document furnished by the nursing personnel, and ascertain that the information refers to that nursing personnel.

(b) On or before the date on which nursing personnel provided by a nurse staffing agency must obtain renewal of his or her license or certification to remain licensed or certified, the nurse staffing agency shall verify that the nursing personnel provided has obtained such renewal by obtaining verification of that fact from the Board of Nursing for a Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse, and from the Department for a Certified Nurse Aide.

(c) A nurse staffing agency shall create and retain written documentation of the verification processes performed pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of this section.