Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–531.02. Definitions.

For the purposes of this subchapter:

(1)(A) "Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center" means any institution, place or building devoted primarily to the maintenance and operation of facilities for the performance of surgical procedures on an outpatient basis including facilities where family planning procedures are performed. Such facility shall not provide beds or other accommodations for the overnight stay of patients. Individual patients shall be discharged in an ambulatory condition without danger to the continued well being of the patients or shall be transferred to a hospital.

(B) The term "Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center" does not include:

(i) Any institution or building licensed as a hospital, under subchapter I of Chapter 7 of this title;

(ii) Hospitals maintained by the District of Columbia;

(iii) Any place, agency, clinic or practice, public or private, profit or nonprofit, devoted exclusively to the performance of dental or oral surgical procedures;

(iv) Any professional office wherein a physician customarily performs surgical procedures for minor diagnosis and treatment of dermatological or podiatric condition or cystoscopies or proctoscopies.

(2) "Center" means an Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center.

(3) "Department means the Department of Human Resources of the District of Columbia.

(4) "Director" means the Director of the Department of Human Resources, or his designee.

(5) "District" means the District of Columbia.

(6) "Mayor" means the holder of the Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia, pursuant to § 1-204.21, or his designated agent.