Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–534.02. Environmental health standards.

(a) Persons responsible for maintenance of the physical plant, including housekeeping, shall be specifically identified.

(b) Treatment rooms shall have a minimum clear floor area sufficient to permit removal of a patient by stretcher. A lavatory or sink with handwashing facility with controls appropriate for mode sterility technique used by the facility shall be provided.

(c) Illumination shall provide at least the equivalent of 100 foot candles of light at the examining table, as well as in the surgical area.

(d) There shall be a preventive maintenance program for mechanical equipment and medical devices. This program of prevention maintenance should include, but is not limited to, regularly scheduled inspection of medical equipment.

(e) There shall be convenient handwashing facilities and/or necessary control valves to minimize the potential of cross contamination.

(f) An environmental monitoring program, which shall include environmental surveillance and infection surveillance, shall be established and followed routinely.