Code of the District of Columbia

§ 46–209. Notice of withholding to the obligor.

(a) If a support order becomes enforceable by withholding pursuant to § 46-207(d), the IV-D agency shall send a notice of withholding to the obligor and shall certify the date the notice is mailed.

(b) The notice of withholding to the obligor shall include the following:

(1) Notice that withholding has commenced;

(2) A statement of any arrearage that has accrued, the amount of the support obligation that is accruing, and the periodic amount required to be paid in the future;

(3) A statement of the amount of the obligor’s earnings or other income that shall be withheld;

(4) A statement that the withholding shall apply to any current and subsequent employer or period of employment;

(5) A statement that the obligor has the right to object to the withholding, a statement of the procedures available for objecting to the withholding, and a statement that the only basis for objecting to the withholding is a mistake of fact as defined in § 46-210(c);

(6) A statement of the actions that will be taken if the obligor objects to the withholding; and

(7) A statement of the information given to the holder pursuant to § 46-211.

(c) The IV-D agency shall send the notice of withholding to the obligor within 15 days after serving the order to withhold on the holder.