Code of the District of Columbia

§ 46–223. Initiation of withholding in other jurisdictions.

(a) When an obligor under a support order derives income in another jurisdiction, the IV-D agency, the Court, or any other appropriate person or entity may serve a notice or order to withhold on a holder in the jurisdiction where the obligor receives income.

(b) In any case being enforced by the IV-D agency pursuant to title IV, part D of the Social Security Act, approved January 4, 1975 (88 Stat. 2351; 42 U.S.C. § 651 et seq.), where the IV-D agency determines that the obligor derives income in another jurisdiction and that interstate withholding is necessary to enforce the support order, the IV-D agency shall, within 20 days of this determination, notify the IV-D agency in the jurisdiction in which the obligor derives income to implement interstate withholding. The notice shall include all information necessary to carry out the withholding, including:

(1) The amount requested to be withheld;

(2) A copy of the support order with all modifications; and

(3) A statement of arrears, if appropriate.