Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–1314. Liens for taxes or assessments — Sale of property.

Upon proof in said suit of the failure of the owner of any such property to redeem the same as provided by law, the Court shall, without unreasonable delay, decree a sale of the property to satisfy the lien of the District of Columbia for taxes, assessments, penalties, interest, and costs, and any other costs or expenses that have been incurred by said District prior to or after the institution of suit and in connection therewith, which said costs shall include Court costs and reasonable attorney fees. All such sales shall be conducted by the Collector of Taxes or his Deputy, by public auction either in the office of said Collector or in front of the premises to be sold, as the Court may determine, after advertisement for 10 consecutive days in some daily newspaper published and circulated generally in the District of Columbia; provided, that if it shall appear that there were any substantial defects in any tax sale no part of the penalties and charges incidental to such sales shall be collectible; but nothing herein contained shall in any wise affect any cost incurred by the District of Columbia in the institution and prosecution of the suit.