Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–1812.14. Declaration of estimated tax by corporations, financial institutions, and unincorporated businesses.

Every corporation, financial institution, and unincorporated business required to make and file a franchise tax return under this chapter shall make and file a declaration of estimated tax at the time and under the conditions, and shall make payments of the tax year in the amount and under the conditions, as the Mayor shall prescribe by regulation. In the case of the taxable year beginning in 1970, the regulations may not require the payment before the last day on which a return for the taxable year is required to be filed under § 47-1805.03(a) of estimated tax for the year exceeding 1/2 of the estimated tax; provided, that in the case of financial institutions, the provisions of this section shall be subject to § 47-2507(a)(3) and to § 47-2507(b)(3).